Archer's Enterprise Revealed

By Lisa
July 9, 2001 - 11:57 AM

The first image of the new Enterprise was published in the July 14 issue of TV Guide this week, ending months of speculation over the design of the new ship.

The ship, designed by John Eaves, is indeed very similar in design to those depicted in the previous Star Trek series, preserving the traditional saucer and two nacelles format. The colouring used is darker than that found on later ships. The only available images show the ship from above, and it is not yet known whether its nacelles curve upward or below the ship's main section.

The ship is very similar to that seen on the Paramount lot photograph earlier this month. There are some differences between the ship on the 'Special Effects' sign and the new image; namely in the section joining the saucer to the nacelles and a slightly larger saucer section. As indicated in an earlier report at Ain't It Cool News, the nacelles and saucer section are located slightly below the ship's middle portion.

Previous reports noted that the Enterprise would be "chunkier and blockier" and Eaves said that it would be similar in design to the Akira class of starships, seen in the feature film 'Star Trek: First Contact' (story).

The TV Guide article also includes a photo of Executive Producer Rick Berman on the bridge set. This close-up of the image clearly shows the more tactile controls on the Enterprise bridge. As Director of Photography Marvin V. Rush said in the UPN upfront presentation, "the controls are more tactile, mechanical [...] the buttons - you have to push them, I mean they're not all touch screens."

You can get a look at the ship on the front cover of the magazine, pictured here at the official web site. To read the full article and get a special pull out poster of the new S.S Enterprise, pick up a copy of the new magazine.

The full article, which includes an in-depth interview with Berman, can only be found in the July 14 issue of TV Guide. The issue also includes a large pull-out poster of the new ship. This special edition magazine is available on newsstands now.

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