Complete 'Deep Space Nine' Collector Cards Arrive in July

By Michelle
June 9, 2003 - 9:08 PM

Rittenhouse Archives has announced the planned release of a set of collector cards from all 176 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episodes, The Complete Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

The set will be released on July 2, 2003, as well as a collector's binder. Each box will include two randomly inserted autographed cards including most of the regular and recurring cast members, including the first-ever official autograph card by Colm Meaney (Miles O'Brien), according to

Subsets for the card series include 27 "Allies and Enemies" cards with images of the show's recurring characters, nine "Ships of the Dominion War" cards, six "Altered Realities" cards featuring characters from the Mirror Universe, and a Deep Space Nine gallery.

A set of five costume cards containing material from costumes worn on the show by Worf, the Intendant, Quark and Garak will be produced as well. Four will be inserted randomly in packets of the cards with an average of one card per 100 packs, while the fifth card, featuring Odo's costume, will come exclusively with the binders. The binders will also contain a U.S.S. Defiant promo card.

Both Dax actresses, Terry Farrell and Nicole deBoer, will autograph cards, as will Avery Brooks (Sisko), Nana Visitor (Kira), most of the series regulars and such popular guest stars as Jeffrey Combs (Weyoun) and Wallace Shawn (Zek).

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