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Bakula On Family Priorities

By Caillan
June 9, 2002 - 3:27 PM

'Star Trek Communicator 138' - copyright Fan Media/Paramount Pictures As Captain Jonathan Archer, Scott Bakula is the heart and soul of Enterprise. It's a role that requires heavy commitment from the actor, who is ever-conscious of the demands acting places on his family life.

"The biggest problem is finding time to make the show, [and] to have a kind of life with your family," Bakula told the Star Trek Communicator (via Scott Bakula Online). "This show has so much extra stuff that comes with it, it's a challenge to figure out what you can do and how you can do it, and my goal, as always, is to make the show the priority. That's the old 'if you build it, they will come.' If we get distracted and don't pay attention to the scripts and what we're doing at work, then [the rest of it] doesn't matter."

After filming the Showtime movie 'What Girls Learn' last year, Bakula had little time for a break before he jumped aboard Enterprise. "I will have worked over a year straight by the time this season ends," he said. "When you start taking your weekends away, and you get on a plane flying somewhere, and you're not seeing your family and you have a big week the next week - it's something I'm very protective of right now."

However, Bakula's children are always eager to check out life in the 22nd century for themselves. "My daughter is 17, [and] I have three boys - 11, 6 and 2 and a half. They love coming to the set, and my six year old doesn't like to come when the 'blue faced guys' are going to be there. He doesn't want to be there for them, but he did fine with the Suliban who were there on set the other day, and he did okay with the Ferengi."

The full interview, in which Bakula also talked about 'Detained,' the Ferengi, and conventions, can be found in issue 138 of the Star Trek Communicator, out now. Alternatively, a transcript is available at Scott Bakula Online. Thanks to Bakula News for this!

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