Shimerman's Life After Quark's Bar

By Lisa
June 9, 2001 - 7:10 PM

Armin Shimerman, best known to Trek fans for his role as Quark on Deep Space Nine was recently interviewed about all the projects that have been keeping him busy since his time in orbit of Bajor.

The actor will next be seen on TV screens in an episode of the Sci Fi Channel series The Invisible Man. "I play Thomas Walker, who is deaf and blind but has a device that allows him to hear and see minimally," he told Ian Spelling. "It was really coming full circle, because one of my first plays was The Miracle Worker - though I wasn't Helen Keller. So I started out doing a play about somebody who was deaf and blind, and here I got a chance to play someone who's deaf and blind."

Thomas Walker will be introduced in the episode 'Insensate,' which is scheduled to air on July 6th. Shimerman has also been back to the set to shoot another episode of the series, and is hopeful that Walker might become a recurring character on the show.

Away from work in front of the camera, Shimerman will release a sequel to his novel written with Michael Scott 'The Merchant Prince'. He is also involved in negotiations between the Screen Actor's Guild and the studios to agree a new contract and avoid strike action this Summer. "There are 13 actors on the SAG negotiating team, and I am one of them," he said. "So I've been involved in the nuts-and-bolts work of trying to hammer out a new contract for the actors before June 30. We've been saying for months and months that there's a deal to be made and we intend to make it. We still feel that way."

Despite not having worn the lobes for over two years now, the actor still remains in touch with his Ferengi side. "I know exactly what [Quark is] doing," he said. "He's tending bar out on DS9, and still trying to make a buck every chance he gets."

Shimerman is sure that the DS9 actors will get their own chance to star on the big screen, and he intends to play his part as the Ferengi. "When the Next Generation actors finish their run on the big screen I think we'll see another group of people in Star Trek movies," he commented. "I don't know if there will be DS9 movies, but I believe we'll see DS9 characters as guest stars in whatever films they decide to make. If they invite me to play Quark, I'd certainly be open to it."

You can read more comments from Shimerman, including his thoughts on voicing a cartoon and acting in the Invisible Man in the full interview here at Inside Trek. More information about the Invisible Man can be found on the show's Official site. Thanks go out to jimjustplainjim for this!

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