Gaming Bullets

By Christian
June 9, 2000 - 11:56 PM

  • According to Gone Gold, Interplay's 'Klingon Academy' space simulator has gone gold, and will be in stores by the end of June.

  • Meanwhile, GameFan has put up a two-page preview of the game.

  • Over at the Klingon Language Institure, they've put up a review of 'Star Trek: Armada'. (Or at least, so I'm told - the review itself is in Klingon, so for all I know they could also be writing about the latest in Qo'noS fashion trends.)

  • Well-Rounded Entertainment has been updated with an interview with Scott Kimball, producer on the upcoming 'Star Trek: ConQuest Online' game. The preview includes several new screenshots.

  • Kenn Hoekstra, working on Raven's 'Voyager: Elite Force', is interviewed on Riva3D, in which he's mostly asked questions about himself, though it also contains some info on the game.

  • Another 'Elite Force' interview is up at, profiling programmer Keith Fuller.

  • Another update has beem made to the Starfleet Universe's SFC 2 Development Diary, in which the game's mission writer Scott Bennie talks about the SFC2 missions he's currently working on.

  • Thanks go out to Blue and Federation HQ for most of these items!

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