First DS9 Comic Gaining Negative Reviews

By Christian
June 9, 2000 - 10:48 PM

Randy Lander at Fandom's Comics Newsarama has put up a review of 'N-Vector', the first comic in Wildstorm's DS9 series. Awarding this first issue a rating of 2/10, he especially criticises the artwork:

While I`m not a huge fan of Star Trek these days, I did enjoy some of what Deep Space Nine offered, and I was curious and perhaps even anxious to see what the Wildstorm Productions crew would do with the cast when they were freed a bit from the shackles of television continuity. As it turns out... I`m not sure. Largely because the art in this book is terrible. It`s reminiscent of Mignola`s work in form, without the mastery of shadow that has earned him his reputation. Shadowy and ill-formed was a poor choice for a book that relies so heavily on likenesses as a shortcut for character identification. Someone who hasn`t watched a lot of DS9 won`t recognize the majority of the characters in this book or understand their roles, and even someone who has watched quite a bit won`t recognize everyone. The story is mildly diverting, although it certainly could use a little more mystery in presentation and some of the characterization seems inconsistent, but the artwork sabotages it completely.

A short plot summary, as well as a (short) list of things the reviewer liked and a (longer) list of things he didn't, can be found in the full review.

Also new is a review of the comic at IGN Sci-Fi, written by their former Trek episode reviewer Sarah Kuhn. Kuhn appeared a bit more positive:

Anyway, both plots are pretty standard, not terribly exciting, but it is nice to see our old friends again, and sci-fi scribe K.W. Jeter (who has penned several DS9 novels) is pretty right on with all the character voices. But next time, I'd like a bit more than just the crazy Quark images to keep me entertained.

For her full review, follow this link.

Finally, at the Star Trek Comics Board Pete Pachoumis, artist on the recent 'Perchance To Dream' TNG mini-series, announced he's selling original art for the comic. Interested parties can email him at to see scans of the artwork and work out a possible sale.

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