Wheaton On 'Reinventing Star Trek'

By T'Bonz
May 9, 2008 - 12:54 AM

Like other Star Trek fans, Wil Wheaton is following the news about Star Trek XI and wondering just what "reinventing" Star Trek really means.

As reported by Wil Wheaton's blog, reinventing doesn't necessarily mean that the finished product will be better, for the movie-going public as well as for established Star Trek fans.

"If [Abrams is] just talking about bringing modern special effects to Star Trek, which totally would make it more thrilling to watch, this is great news," said Wheaton. "However, if this 'reinventing' extends to some of the fundamentals of the Star Trek mythos, and if he wants to make Star Trek more like Star Wars, we could be looking at the biggest geekriot in history."

Wheaton agreed that it was better to make the movie appeal to more than just hard-core fans. "Making it for fans of movies instead of exclusively for Trekkies is something I can completely agree with, and shows that he [Abrams] understands the massive challenge that making a movie like this brings. That's real good news, as long as he doesn't go turning 'Star Trek' into 'Attack of The Four Toed Statues' or something."

But the term "reinventing" when coupled with Star Trek makes Wheaton a bit uneasy. "Speaking as a lifelong geek, my knee-jerk reaction when I hear someone talking about 'reinventing' something like Trek is that it will be a tower of suck, built out of an endless supply of Jar-Jars and midichlorians," said Wheaton. He went on to say that "..most of the Star Trek movies are absolute garbage. There have been ten Trek movies, and I'd say that two of them are accessible to mainstream audiences, another two are great, and the remaining six are nearly unwatchable. If J.J. Abrams wants to make his new Trek movie unlike the 80% of Trek movies that aren't that good, that's just fine with me."

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