Stewart Has Traded In Spacesuit, He Claims

By Michelle
May 9, 2006 - 7:21 PM

Patrick Stewart (Picard), the second-sexiest man in the UK "old enough to draw a pension", reiterated that he believes he is finished with Star Trek films but is still talking about the policeman who told him that The Next Generation restored his faith in humanity.

While discussing his upcoming X3 with Empire Online, the actor said that he'd "have to think very hard about it" before committing to appear in J.J. Abrams' Star Trek XI even if he is asked. "I've actually hung up my space suit," he explained.

It has been reported that a major character dies in X3, and Stewart said that the death felt very personal to him but he would not discuss whether viewers would see the funeral of his own character, Professor Xavier. As to whether that franchise is finished, he noted, "you can never say it's the last because a lot of it is about economic drive. The first two films were among the most successful films ever."

The 65-year-old actor finished second to a former James Bond, Sean Connery, in a recent poll to determine the UK's sexiest male pensioner, according to The Scotsman. He brought in 19 percent of the votes while Connery received more than half. Stewart was the only non-knight among the top five, which also included entertainers Anthony Hopkins, Michael Caine and Cliff Richard.

Though he may have no wish to play Picard at present, Stewart is still discussing a letter he received from a policeman who told him that Star Trek had helped him through difficult times. The Irish Examiner reported that he learned from a fan letter that one man watched The Next Generation to have his faith restored in better times ahead.

For fans wishing to see Stewart in person, The PSN notes that tickets for The Tempest, advertised to feature Stewart, go on sale today.

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