Scotty Memorial In Aberdeen Remains Uncertain

By Michelle
May 9, 2006 - 7:05 PM

Will James Doohan (Scotty) ever get his memorial in Aberdeen? Copyright issues continue to plague the plans, though new tributes are being devised as fundraisers.

BBC News reported on the latest plan, to have pubs in Aberdeen create alcoholic drinks to attract tourists and emphasize Scotty's link to the city, which is competing with Linlithgow to establish itself as the fictional character's official birthplace. (Doohan, who died last year, was born in Vancouver and served in the Canadian armed forces.)

On May 18th, the Aberdeen city council's economic development sub-committee will vote on the plan to have bartenders devise Star Trek-themed drinks. Head of economic development Rita Stephen cited the line in "Wolf in the Fold" in which Scotty identified himself as "an old Aberdeen pub crawler", saying, "This reference to Aberdeen may provide the opportunity to work with local clubs and bars to develop a range of space-related drinks."

The initiative, she added, would cost the council very little if local pubs cooperate, though she warned that the copyright issues which have thus far prevented the city from erecting a memorial to Scotty may be a problem with drink designs as well.

West Lothian Council meanwhile has plans to put up a plaque in memory of Doohan in the city of Linlithgow, citing Star Trek scripts which indicated that Scotty would be born in Linlithgow in 2222.

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