TOS MiniMate Figures Available Soon

By Lisa
May 9, 2002 - 7:56 PM

Captain Kirk MiniMate figure, copyright Art Asylum Art Asylum today released the first images of its Classic Star Trek MiniMates figures.

The series, modelled on characters from the Original Series will include Kirk, Bones, Spock, Gorn, Khan, and Mugato figures.

Art Asylum's mini mates line are three inch high cute little figures based on popular TV series, music artists and movies. Based on the kubrick toy line in Japan, the style of the figures is a mixture reminiscent of lego characters and anime. Each toy has 12 points of articulation and comes with a puzzle base to stand on. "They have so much attitude they could bite your head off if they wanted," warns Art Asylum's web site.

The figures are expected to go on sale in June, in single and special collector's set versions.

Art Asylum is also busy working on figures based on Enterprise and 'Star Trek X: Nemesis.' The first wave of Enterprise figures is set for a mid August release, with weapons and series two following in September. 'Nemesis' figures are expected to hit shelves in late October in time for the film's big screen release.

More and larger images of the Classic Trek MiniMates can be found here and here. More information on the MiniMates toy line and others in the range is here at Art Asylum's web site.

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