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Final 'Endgame' Scenes Revealed

By Christian
May 9, 2001 - 3:25 PM

The recent explosion of news concerning the Star Trek: Voyager finale continued today, with new info on the last-ever Voyager scenes ever leaking out.

As previously reported, 'Endgame' will see a future Admiral Janeway travelling back in time to help the present-day Captain Janeway get Voyager home early. Once there, it is through Admiral Janeway's sacrifice that Captain Janeway is able to escape from the Borg Queen and beat the Borg. The Great Link just posted more information on exactly how this will be accomplished.

After Admiral Janeway's sacrifice, Captain Janeway is able to steal a Borg transwarp conduit and install it on Voyager. She also infects the Borg Queen with the Borg Pathogen, and as Voyager speeds away the Queen begins to die.

As Voyager is in the transwarp conduit back to Earth, it is followed by a fleet of Borg vessels, intent on assimilating Sector 001 once and for all. Janeway contacts Starfleet and tells them to get an armada of ships together to destroy the Borg fleet.

Voyager emerges near Earth, and after the ship moves out of the way to allow the assembled Starfleet vessels to fire at the conduit. They destroy the entire conduit, as well as the Borg fleet. Starfleet then escorts Voyager back to Earth.

'Endgame' - copyright Paramount Pictures After the finale's action scenes have been completed, the attention turns to the characters again, with the penultimate scene showing B'Elanna give birth to her and Tom's daughter, Miral. In the next scene, we're on the bridge again, and Janeway speaks the final line we'll ever hear on Voyager - "Set a course for home."

The camera pans out of the bridge and out of the ship, showing Voyager flying back to Earth.

To read the original report, please follow this conduit to the Great Link.

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