Voyager Stars Give Advice To Series V Actors

By Lisa
May 9, 2001 - 2:28 PM

Four members of the Voyager cast were recently interviewed at the official Star Trek site about their favourite episodes from Voyager's seven seasons and any advice they would give to actors new to the franchise.

"Don't wear rubber!" laughed Ethan Phillips (Neelix) "No, if you've got to wear rubber, accept it. Hang in there: long hours, have plenty to read and if you don't drink coffee, start!"

Robert Beltran (Chakotay) urged actors new to Star Trek to enjoy themselves. "Don't take it too seriously, have fun. Don't believe everything you hear and read." Beltran also revealed that the episode he found most inspiring was the second season's 'Tattoo.' "One of the earlier ones called Tatoo was pretty inspiring," he said, "Because it dealt with issues of ecology and acceptance of one's heritage."

Tim Russ warned actors on the next series to prepare for a life to prepare for a life changing experience "in terms of being recognised and being pretty much worshiped by loyal fans, and scrutinised by loyal fans if you will," he explained. "Its going to be a very interesting ride. A very different ride."

Robert Picardo (the Holodoc) talked about his favourite moments from the show. "Many of my favourite episodes have been the ones that involved the doctor succeeding in a situation he was not designed to succeed in," he said. "Where he has to step forward and be nervous and even cowardly at first, and then gets to rise to the occasion."

The star revealed that 'Someone to Watch Over me' from the fifth season is his favourite episode. In it, the Doctor teaches Seven of Nine how to behave on a date. "And in coaching her on how to behave appropriately he falls in love with her and then of course, can't express that," Picardo commented. "I think that's a situation we've all been in at one time or another and I think of as quite touching to see a technological creature like the doctor, who was designed not for romance but for emergency medical treatment only, to find himself in a situation where he's developing these emotional subroutines where he lacks control."

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