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Star Trek X Script Reviewed

By Christian
May 9, 2001 - 12:30 AM

The first spoiler review for Star Trek X appeared on the internet today, suggesting that the film will show Captain Picard being forced to do battle with demons from his past, whilst attempting to quell a Romulan rebellion before it ravages Earth.

Film news site MovieHeadlines.net just posted a review of the 'Star Trek X' script. The review was written by ScriptManiac, an industry insider who has over the past few years written several more online script reviews for various sites.

The film will introduce us to Romulus' sister planet, which according to the review is called Reman, and not Remus, the name previously used on Star Trek, but that may also just be a typo. It is a planet with one hemisphere of eternal light and one of eternal darkness. Due to the immense heat on the light side, all the planet's inhabitants stay on the dark side, where they work as slaves in the Romulan dilithium mines.

The plot of the film will evolve around Shinzon, the Remans' bold leader who thinks his people have taken a backseat to the Romulans for too long. The Enterprise becomes involved when it is sent on a diplomatic mission to talk to Shinzon and the Romulans. As the ship arrives at the heart of the Romulan Star Empire, they are still unaware of Shinzon's secret plans and the secret he shares with Picard.

ScriptManiac did not reveal what this secret was, though he said that it was a bit "out of left field," and that it hadn't been hinted at before. It is possible the script may have something to do with cloning, the other major concept besides the Romulans that Rick Berman said would be part of the film.

Besides Picard's past, we will also find out more about Data, with the crew discovering something about his creation, and why he was even built in the first place. According to ScriptManiac, the Data storyline will both provide comic relief and "get to the heart of what Star Trek is about."

Finally, the film will debut a completely new type of ship, while one character from another Trek series will figure in the storyline. None of the cameos mentioned online were yet included in this version of the script.

In general, ScriptManiac was fairly positive about the film. Despite not being a very large Star Trek fan, he gave the film a 7.5 out of 10, especially praising the interaction between the crew and the battle scenes. Things he did not like include a lack of background on the Romulan situation as well as the clichť of the film's villain (presumably Shinzon) coming up with a totally new superweapon.

In the end, ScriptManiac concluded the Star Trek X script was very readable, focusing on the political aspects of Star Trek and recalling films such as 'Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.' To read the original review, please follow this link.

Thanks go out to David Sanders for pointing us to this! As usual, please be aware that the above has not been confirmed by Paramount, and until then any Star Trek X news from unofficial sources should be treated as you would any rumour.

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