More 'Fury' Takes

By Christian
May 9, 2000 - 11:31 PM

Over at the Trek Nation, Fred Shedian has put up a new edition of his 'A Take On Trek' column, this week dealing with Voyager's 'Fury':

It is indeed a sad day when writers fail to use an idea to it's full potential. Instead of giving one hundred and ten percent, only eighty is provided. This makes for a story that had the makings of a classic, but falls short.

The recent Voyager episode "Fury" is a perfect example of this sad day. In the beginning of the episode, I was very interested....watching and waiting to see what the heck was wrong with Kes. During this time, I never imagined they would utterly destroy seasons of dedication and work by other writers, actors and directors. The innocent, peaceful, mysterious Kes that many had loved to watch turned into nothing more than a vindictive monster. I would consider this development a last ditch effort to improve the quality of the episode...but it was an effort that failed.

Read on in the full version of the column, entitled 'Furious Disappointment'.

Also new is the 'Fury' review by David E. Sluss at the Cynics Corner, a snippet of which you'll see here:

Was there any reason this episode needed to be made? Kes had a fine send-off in "The Gift," and this only serves to undermine it. It's like the reverse of what happened to Tasha Yar: Instead of a second farewell episode to make up for a crummy one, we got a lousy goodbye that sours the taste of a good one.

In the full review, the episode is awarded a 6.0.

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