Sev Movie Trailer Released

By Christian
May 9, 2000 - 7:41 AM

'Sev Trek' movie trailer - copyright Sev Trek John Cook at Sev Trek has released the trailer for the upcoming Sev Trek movie, featuring the crew of the Enterofraprize-D. The movie was written and directed by John Cook himself, featuring the voices of USA comedian Wally Fields, 3D animation by Australian Andrew Simpson and music by Canadian Don Rae. The trailer itself runs for one minute, and shows nearly all the characters, with the exception of Heavily Cruncher, who appears to be just as ignored as her TNG counterpart usually is.

You can download the trailer at the Sev Trek Movie Web Site, or via the following local TrekToday mirrors:

Description Size (pixels) Sound File size Comments
1. Zipped AVI 360x188 16 bit 23,002 Kb Best video & sound
2. Zipped AVI 360x188 8 bit 13,433 Kb Good video, sound okay
3. Zipped AVI 180x144 8 bit 4,707 Kb Small pic, sound okay
4. Real Player 360x188 16 bit 3,672 Kb Reasonable video & sound
5. Real Player 360x188 8 bit 2,883 Kb Reasonable video & sound
6. Real Player 180x144 8 bit 1,230 Kb Small video, ok sound

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