Kate Mulgrew Appreciation Society Closes

By Christian
April 9, 2000 - 11:47 PM

Michelle Erica Green, besides writer at AnotherUniverse also president of the Kate Mulgrew Appreciation Society, just sent in the following announcement:

KMAS Inc., Kate Mulgrew's fan club, has shut down. Ms. Mulgrew and the members of the board of directors are each dealing with a number of personal committments which make it impossible for us to plan club gatherings, attend to correspondence, or offer any of the other amenities which people expect of an official fan club.

Best wishes to everyone.

Michelle Erica Green
President, KMAS Inc.

KMAS' main activity was the publication of their newsletter, 'Now Voyager', of which 25 issues can still be found online at the club's official site.

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