Brannon Braga Fan Site Opens

By Christian
April 9, 2000 - 10:14 PM

Gustavo Leao sends along word that a new unauthorised fan site has opened - The site, run by a fan named Catherine Monson (according to the InterNIC), claims to have been founded to '[honor] the many works of Brannon Braga', currently Executive Producer on Voyager and co-creating Series V.

Currently, the site already features things such as a synopsis of all the Voyager episodes he wrote, info on his past and current work, a biography, a special Braga mailing list, and even an image gallery - split up into categories about Braga, Braga at conventions, and Braga with Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine). Sadly, the site contains no official info from Braga himself, though the page does also list upcoming convention appearances by Braga if you would like to hear from the man himself.

To my knowledge, with this site Braga is only the second Trek producer ever to receive a complete fan site - Gene Roddenberry being the obvious other. Should you have a desire to change that, both and are still available, though, surprisingly enough, was registered in early March by an entity called the Sonar Communications Group. Of course, if you prefer instead to compete in the Braga-business, I'm sure DotTV would be more than happy to sell you the BrannonBraga.TV domain for a minimum of $1000 per year.

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