By Christian
April 9, 2000 - 8:31 PM

Though, judging from feedback mail, most of you seem to really like the new TrekToday design, there also appears to be a sizable group of people who prefer the old design, due to the shorter loading times. As I announced in 'Hello World!' a few days ago, it is actually still possible to see the news in a format similar to what you were used to on TrekToday - simply click the 'TT Classic' link in the right-hand menu, or go to

As was always the case while TrekToday was still using its old design, the TT Classic page will only be updated once per day, at midnight GMT, when all the news of the day will be put together on one TT Classic page. What this means is that if you want to see the latest Star Trek news as soon it appears, you're still going to have to visit the TrekToday main page, which will now be updated pretty much throughout the day. If, however, you don't mind waiting a bit and prefer to have shorter loading times, the TT Classic option is there for you.

Again, if you encounter any bugs in the new design, please let me know!

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