Holodiction Convention Report

By Christian
April 9, 2000 - 10:13 AM

Penny Clark and Janette Maxwell (both moderators at the Trek BBS, have put up a report of the Holodiction convention, which was held on the 2nd of April in Sydney. The convention was attended by both René Auberjonois (Odo) and Kate Mulgrew (Kathryn Janeway), who both spent a lengthy amount of time onstage to answer fan questions. Below are a few of the more newsworthy answers Mulgrew provided at the con:

  • They will bring U.S.S Voyager home during Season Seven. Kate would like to see this done early in the year so that all the consequences of their disappearance can be explored, eg the on-board Maquis going to trial etc.

  • Janeway and Chakotay will not get together (this, of course, got a big reaction from the audience). She believes that the command structure could be jeopardised if she were sleeping with her First Officer.

  • Once Voyager completes it's run, Kate wants to return to the theatre.

  • She believes that some "downtime" is needed between the end of Voyager and the start of the new series.

  • Doesn't know anything about Brannon Braga leaving the Voyager team to work on the new series. She stated (almost sarcastically) that she would miss Braga's repartee, wit and dark edge.

  • She hinted at the fact that Janeway gets assimilated by the Borg in the season finale "Unimatrix Zero One". She also mentioned that she had been called 3 days before the convention to go back to work for another week of shooting

  • When asked if she wanted to direct she said no, but stated that when Voyager finishes, she is going to write her memoirs

  • She was devasted when Jennifer Lien left the show, and was "disconcerted" by her return appearance in the episode "Fury"

  • The full report contains several more answers from Mulgrew, on topics such as Jennifer Lien's departure, the need for a love interest for Janeway, and how she first started on the series. In addition, the report contains several photos from the con, showing Penny and Janette getting autographed photos from Mulgrew. Finally, it also contains a detailed account of the post-con cocktail party, where the actors took the time for individual chats with the fans.

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