'By Any Other Name' Images

By T'Bonz
March 9, 2008 - 9:44 PM

The Enterprise streaks towards Andromeda in an updated shot from the original series episode By Any Other Name which was released recently.

New shots from By Any Other Name show two scenes from the February 1968 Star Trek episode, including one space shot and one planetscape one.

By Any Other Name was the story of aliens from the Andromeda Galaxy, who came to explore and then conquer the neighboring Milky Way Galaxy. These aliens, called the Kelvans, took on human form, but soon ran into trouble trying to deal with the temptations and emotions that come from being human.

The first picture, Planetscape, features an all-new matte painting which was made especially for the remastered episode. A large moon dominates the purple sky and there are mountains in the backdrop.

The second picture shows the Enterprise, under control of the Kelvans, streaking through the inky blackness of space towards the Andromeda Galaxy.

By Any Other Name is airing this weekend in syndicated markets across the U.S.

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