'Trek XI' Rumours: No Academy Setting, No McAvoy

By Michelle
March 9, 2007 - 6:14 PM

Rumours continued to swirl this week about the casting and storyline for Star Trek XI with J.J. Abrams at the helm, with suggestions that the film would not focus on Starfleet Academy after all.

IGN cited insiders who said that the upcoming film would be more of a "first adventure" for Kirk and Spock than the story of their meeting at the Academy, picking up with their first mission together as Starfleet officers. The source stated that because previous Star Trek producer Harve Bennett initially brought the Starfleet Academy idea to Paramount, the filmmakers wanted to go in a different direction.

Bennett has said that he might not contest a movie about "young Kirk and Spock" but added, "if they ever decide to do a Starfleet Academy film, my feeling is that they better call us because that was our baby."

Though the names of actors Matt Damon, Adrien Brody and Gary Sinise continue to remain in play as the actors Paramount would most like to play Kirk, Spock and McCoy respectively, James McAvoy is now saying that he has not seen the script and would not be interested in playing Scotty without significant changes from the television character.

"I'd need to read the script. I wouldn't play Scotty as written in the Original Series," McAvoy told Rotten Tomatoes. Of the stories circulating that he was in negotiations for the role, he said, "Rubbish, all rubbish."

"I am a Trekkie," McAvoy reiterated, but the character of Scotty "was only Scottish and nothing else. Sulu had a bit of character; so did Chekov. Uhura was a bit sexy. He got a bit of comedy in the films, but then he just became the comedy ethnic guy."

Meanwhile, director-producer Abrams told Wired that he can't wait to get started on the film. "It's a little too early to talk about Star Trek, but I can't tell you how excited I am to do that," he said. "When I read the script I couldn't imagine -- I'd feel like an idiot if I let someone else [direct] it."

Abrams described the movie as "a fun, emotional and wild adventure" and said that if he had the opportunity to direct, "how could I not take it? That was why I signed up. This is going to be an incredibly fun movie." He said that he intends to seek input not only from fans but from scientists interested in the technology of Star Trek

IGN cited sources as saying that soundstages at Paramount lot would be reserved for Star Trek beginning in May. The film is currently scheduled for a winter 2008 release.

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