Extensive 'Two Days And Two Nights' Details

By Christian
March 9, 2002 - 6:18 AM

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After almost a year of exploring strange new worlds, an upcoming Enterprise episode will see the crew get to enjoy a few days of shore leave on the Risa pleasure planet.

Sources today revealed the first plot details of 'Two Days And Two Nights', one of the final episodes of Enterprise's first season. 'Two Days and Two Nights' will chronicle humanity's first holiday on Risa, the well-known resort planet also already seen in TNG's 'Captain's Holiday' and the less-than-classic DS9 episode 'Let He Who Is Without Sin...'

In the episode, Archer decides to use as much as he can spare of the ship's dilithium supply to buy all-inclusive two-day holiday packages for the crew. While T'Pol elects to stay onboard, many of the ship's senior officers are in fact part of the half of the Enteprise crew that goes down to the planet, including Captain Archer, Hoshi, Trip and Reed, and Mayweather. Below you will find a brief summary of the events that happen to each of these characters while down on the planet's surface:

  • Captain Archer - Archer decides to spend his holiday relaxing with Porthos in a luxurious villa. Shortly after arriving, he encounters an alien woman called Keyla when he finds her lost pet, Tibbis. When she comes to thank him, he invites her to join him on the deck, and soon they are engaged in conversation. Archer points out in the sky where Earth is, but when he asks her where her own planet is, she says it's not very interesting and quickly kisses him goodnight.

    Archer and Keyla spend the next day with each other, snuggled up close together on a lounge chair. They kiss, talk about Archer's current reading ('The Teachings of Surok'), kiss again, and find delight in the fact humans are still very much controlled by their emotions. Archer says he wishes he had more than two days on Risa, but he'll soon have to go out and explore space again. Keyla now also points at the sky, and indicates one direction in which he shouldn't go - it's the place she came from, and the place she spent the last two years getting away from...

  • Trip & Reed - Following the advice of the Vulcan database, Trip and Reed go to a Risan nightclub. At first, they question the Vulcans' judgement, seeing as how they only mate once every seven years, but then they meet two beautiful alien women: Latia and Dee'ahn. They find a table, and Trip and Reed try to impress the ladies with some stories - how they managed to survive their 'Shuttlepod One' adventure, and how Trip saved the ship in his underwear in 'Acquisition'. Soon the girls invite them to go someplace more private, and while Reed wonders if that's a good idea, they follow the girls to the back of the club.

    Reed's trepidation turns out to be justified, as they find themselves in the club's basement, where the women shapeshift into two very ugly, very male, and above all very big aliens. The aliens shove Trip and Reed against the wall, but find their pockets only contain their two hotelpasses. Frustrated, the aliens take the passes, and want to go search the hotel room - but decide they first need to kill Trip and Reed...

  • Hoshi Sato - Surrounded by countless alien races, Hoshi is in heaven. After talking with several aliens, she is approached by a young alien man named Ravis, who at first she is at a loss to understand. But then she realises Ravis was simply trying out several dialects on her to see how she would do, and she has found someone else with her love of languages. Hoshi invites him to sit down with her, and the two end up spending the rest of the two days together, with Hoshi teaching Ravis to speak English, and Ravis teaching her to speak his language...

  • Travis Mayweather - Little is known at this time about the adventures of Mayweather, with the exception of the fact they somehow land him in a Risan hospital. Once he arrives in Enterprise's medical bay, Ensign Cutler is worried - Mayweather's situation is beyond her medical expertise...

No information is known about the creative staff responsible for 'Two Days and Two Nights,' or about the ending of each of the above plotlines. As usual, please be aware that Paramount has released no official information about this episode yet, and until that happens, any such information from unofficial sources should be treated as you would any rumour.

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