More On 'The Motion Picture' Special Edition

By Amy
March 9, 2001 - 10:46 PM

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It's ironic in many respects that the first ever released Star Trek movie in the soon to be 10-strong franchise would be the last one to be released on DVD. But then again it's possible that they're saving the best for last in the form of the special Directors Edition of 'Star Trek: The Motion Picture'.

Over recent months, the movie's director, Robert Wise, has been collaborating with Foundation Imaging to bring the 1979 movie into the 21st century. And it's not just the original sound and pictures getting a spring cleaning, but the touching up and improving of many of the special effects shots, new digital landscape from Vulcan and even the addition of a number of new scenes that were cut from the movie due to budget and time constraints.

The results so far look to be pretty promising, with a number of screenshots making their way onto the web in recent weeks. The official site has now also gotten in on the act, recently publishing an article on the DVD, including a screenshot of the new Vulcan landscape and both wireframe and completed versions of the CGI Enterprise, which being used from some of the shots. The site has also published the DVD release's new logo for the first time, and has made one of the Vulcan landscape shots availible for download as a desktop image.

No specific date has been given for its release, but the completed DVD is expected to be released to stores sometime later this year. For some more information on the movie itself and some of the new features, read the article at the official site.

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