DeLancie: 'Q2' Likely To Be Final Outing For Q

By Christian
March 9, 2001 - 3:03 PM

Less than three weeks from now, UPN will be airing 'Q2', in which John de Lancie reprises his role as Q. According to the actor, he will likely not be playing the character again.

"I was just a little relieved after that last scene in 'Q2.' I don't think I will be playing Q again," he told Ian Spelling in a new interview. "I could be wrong, but I'm not counting on it. The character has come from the bad boy to being the status quo, really."

Still, even if John de Lancie doesn't expect to return, his real-life son might, as in 'Q2', 16-year-old Keegan plays an important role as Q's son. "I felt I had kind of done a hand-off with 'Q2,'" said De Lancie. "I'd be surprised if they brought a Q character back, but if they did, there's now another Q and that person, who happens to be Keegan, could go off and play it."

The actor also provided some new details about the episode. "Q brings to Janeway his child, hoping against hope that somehow his child can be brought back into line, can be given some manners," he explained. "In a way, Q drops Q2 off. I come back in a couple of times to check on his progress, but essentially I say to Janeway, 'I've got a problem on my hands, and you can deal with it.' The episode is really much more about Q2 than Q, which was fine with me. I liked watching Keegan work in some scenes I wasn't in, and our few scenes together - it's really not a buddy episode - were very enjoyable."

In the full interview, De Lancie talked about the atmosphere on the Voyager set now that the series' end is approaching, and also looked back at his own history with the Trek franchise. Click here to read it.

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