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Return of the Red Shirts a Highlight In 'Mirror 2'

By Michelle
February 9, 2005 - 10:34 PM

Scott Bakula wondered aloud whether the wardrobe department had run out of material for Jolene Blalock's's skirt when T'Pol appeared in a replica of Christine Chapel's original series uniform on the USS Defiant in "In a Mirror, Darkly Part Two." Not that Archer minded, having just successfully led a mutiny against Captain Forrest, though his own Enterprise had been blown up.

Of course, such excitement could only happen in the Star Trek mirror universe, beginning with the first "In a Mirror, Darkly" the week before (story). A new production report at describes how the alternate universe crew, having discovered the Defiant, take over the dimensionally shifted ship and plot to use it against their enemies, among whom Archer counts his duplicate in the regular Enterprise universe.

Mike Sussman (who appears onscreen as a dead ensign) wrote this second installment from a story by Manny Coto to follow up on the fate of the ship from "The Tholian Web" while setting up the backdrop for "Mirror, Mirror" - two legendary original series episodes. Because the Tholians destroy the mirror NX-01, Archer and his crew have no choice but to take up residence on the Defiant and to wear that ship's uniforms, putting Archer in a replica of Kirk's infamous wraparound tunic while Tucker, Reed and Mayweather dressed in dreaded red shirts. Sato, as the Captain's woman, continued to wear whatever she thought Archer wanted. The official site posted the following brief synopsis:

In the mirror universe, Archer commandeers the 23rd-century Defiant from the Tholians and uses it in a nefarious power grab.
The guest cast list for the episode is as follows:
  • Gary Graham as Soval
  • Gregory Itzin as Admiral Black
  • Derek Magyar as Kelby
  • John Mahon as Admiral Gardner
Like Spock in "Mirror, Mirror", the alternate Soval - who visits Archer's Defiant - sports a goatee. Itzin, who has already appeared on Enterprise in "Shadows of P'Jem" as well as on Voyager and Deep Space Nine, portrays the admiral who must deal with the mirror Archer's power grab, while Magyar returns as a version of Kelby after appearances in "Affliction" and "Bound."

Director of photography Marvin D. Rush helmed this second part of "In a Mirror, Darkly", which features Andorian and Orion characters from the alternate universe, plus a Tellarite, a Gorn and a Tholian. In addition to these reminders of the original series, the crew had its hands full building diagonal Jefferies Tubes, a rec room with replicators, the Defiant captain's quarters and a briefing room dressed with a Federation flag from Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Because of all these reminders of the first Star Trek, Anthony Montgomery walked around whistling the Original Series theme music.

"In a Mirror, Darkly" is currently scheduled to air on April 22nd, with its concluding part a week later. For the original production report, visit this page on the official Star Trek site.

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