Blalock: T'Pol Is The Voice Of Reason

By Lisa
February 10, 2002 - 3:47 AM

Jolene Blalock recently spoke about the way Sub-Commander T'Pol is developing as a member of the NX-01 crew.

"T'Pol, right now, is the voice of reason," Blalock told Starlog Magazine (via Scifi Pulse). "She's the voice of responsibility, but I can't say that she’s not-questioning herself about 'what am I doing on this ship?'"

"She is the person for this job, and yet she does not receive one 'Thank you,'" the actress said. "So I can't help but feel that T'Pol is thinking, 'What am I doing here?' Except there is a bigger purpose to all of it. She believes in this mission and in human capabilities. They are resourceful. They do get by, in their own way. There's much to learn from the humans, and she is learning from being around them."

Blalock also spoke about the difficulties of delivering lines full of complex terminology. "“Sometimes it can be a huge pain because we don't just get the Technobabble, but we also get a pronunciation cheat sheet," she explained. "You get the words and instructions on how to say them. One vowel can really mess you up. It's really weird."

"We had one episode at the beginning, Flight or Fight, where we were standing there looking at this ship that was basically dead in the water. Archer looks at it and says, 'These look like scorch marks,' but in my mind, I kept hearing 'Skid marks!' Then my dialogue was 'It’s dehydrated residue, and it looks like it's been created by some strong particle impact.' All I could picture was somebody crapping their pants, like skid marks. Strong particle impacts residue. It was very funny."

More from Jolene Blalock, including her thoughts about T'Pol and the rest of the crew, and how the Vulcan will develop in the future, can be found in this month's edition of UK Starlog magazine. Alternatively, extracts can be found on this page at Scifi Pulse.

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