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By Caillan
January 9, 2002 - 11:46 AM

  • 'Star Trek: The Motion Picture' director Robert Wise will be honoured with the prestigious Milestone Award at the 13th annual Producers Guild Awards, according to the Hollywood Reporter. "Being recognized by my peers at the Producers Guild of America is a tremendous honor," Wise said. The full report can be found here.

  • The trade paper also reported Whoopi Goldberg (Guinan) will host the 74th Academy Awards this year. "Whoopi has great warmth, wit, humor, humanity and a social conscience," said producer Laura Ziskin, "all qualities that I feel are essential for this year's show."

  • On March 24, 2002, several DS9 stars including Nana Visitor, (Kira Nerys), Andrew Robinson (Garak), Casey Biggs (Damar), Jeffrey Combs (Weyoun) will be meeting to have a charity breakfast with fans at the Pasadena Grand Slam. The breakfast will include an auction of DS9 memorabilia - including Kira's earring from the last season. For further details, contact Gayle Stever.

  • Hallmark has announced its Star Trek ornaments line-up for 2002, which includes the Delta Flyer, Voyager's EMH and the original U.S.S. Enterprise. Details can be found at the Hallmark web site. Thanks to Dwayne Robinson for this!

  • 'Faith of the Heart' songwriter Diane Warren has been nominated for a Grammy Award for her 'Pearl Harbor' song 'There'll Be You,' according to Rage Against the Machine member Tom Morello, who appeared in Voyager's 'Good Shepherd,' has also garnered a Grammy nod.

  • The official site of Jonathan Frakes's (Will Riker) new film 'Clockstoppers' is now open. Thanks to Dark Horizons for this!

  • The Guardian's Gareth McLean has posted a review of 'Broken Bow,' which aired in the UK on Monday. "Enterprise fires on all cylinders and, from its first outing, looks like kicking butt across the galaxy," he wrote. The full review can be found here. Thanks to 'Aqtai' for this!

  • Cecily Adams (Moogie), who is married to Jim Beaver (Admiral Leonard), gave birth to Madeline Rose Beaver on August 19, according to Congratulations to them both!

  • Gorgeous Kate has posted photos from Kate Mulgrew's (Kathryn Janeway) appearance at last weekend's Slanted Fedora convention in New York.

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