'Nemesis' Bullets

By Caillan
December 8, 2002 - 11:15 AM

  • StarTrek.com has posted a partial list of international release dates.

  • The Psi Phi Star Trek Books Database has been updated with the cover art for the latest edition of the 'Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion,' revised to include 'Star Trek Nemesis.'

  • According to a report at SyFy Portal, there will be no midnight screenings of Trek X when it debuts this Friday.

  • Howard Price at The Trades has reviewed the 'Nemesis' novelisation. Here's what he had to say:

    After having read Dillard's version of the story, I can't wait to get to the theaters and see the movie version. But I'll need a few days to catch my breath... this adventure has very few calm moments in it once the action takes off. So strap yourself in, set course for your favorite reading spot, open the cover and... engage.

    Read the complete analysis here.

  • Part one of an interview with screenwriter John Logan can be found at Cinescape.

  • Robin Rowe at Linux Journal spoke to visual effects company Digital Domain about their use of Linux to create the 'Nemesis' effects. Thanks to 'The God Thing' for this!

  • Filk Radio will be holding a Star Trek filk marathon from December 9 to December 13 to celebrate the release of 'Nemesis.' Go here to listen to the broadcast.

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