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Three New 'Nemesis' Clips Online

By Caillan
December 8, 2002 - 10:18 AM

'Star Trek Nemesis' - courtesy IFILM, copyright Paramount Pictures Three key scenes from 'Star Trek Nemesis' were recently made available for download.

Yahoo! Movies has posted four sequences from the movie, one of which, entitled 'Meeting Shinzon,' was included in the recent Show East reel (story). The remaining three scenes depict a confrontation between Shinzon and a captive Picard, a pivotal moment for Deanna Troi, and one of the film's climactic battle sequences.

For those of you with slower connections, transcripts of all three clips can be found below. Please note that these scenes do contain major spoilers for the film.


'Star Trek Nemesis' - courtesy, copyright Paramount Pictures[Shinzon stands in his interrogation room.]
Shinzon: "We will no longer bow before anyone as slaves."
[Close-up of Shinzon's face.]
Shinzon: "Not the Romulans, and not your mighty Federation."
[Shinzon turns around, extending his arms in a grand gesture.]
Shinzon: "We are always bred for war..."
[Picard can now be seen restrained in a device in the background behind Shinzon.]
[Shinzon turns around to address Picard.]
Shinzon: "...and conquest."
[Close-up of Picard.]
Picard: "Are you ready to plunge the entire quadrant into war to satisfy your own personal demons?"
[Shinzon turns away dismissively.]
Shinzon: "It amazes me how little you know yourself."
[Back to Picard in the restraint.]
Picard: "I'm incapable of such an act."
[Shinzon turns around, his arms stretched out.]
Shinzon: "You are me!"
[Close-up of Picard.]

"A Violation"

'Star Trek Nemesis' - courtesy, copyright Paramount Pictures[Beverly Crusher runs her medical tricorder over Deanna Troi, who is lying on the bio-bed.]
[Crusher looks at the results, then addresses Troi.]
Crusher: "Aside from slightly elevated levels of adrenaline and serotonin you're perfectly normal."
[Troi glances over at Riker, standing by her side, who helps her to sit up. They look at each other for a moment.]
Picard (off-screen): "Deanna."
[The captain enters sickbay and approaches the bio-bed.]
Picard: "Can you describe it?"
[Troi stands resolute, flanked by Riker and Crusher.]
Troi: "It was a..."
[She pauses for a moment.]
Troi: "It was a violation."
[Picard looks concerned.]
[Troi explains what happened.]
Troi: "Shinzon's Viceroy seems to have the ability to reach into my thoughts."
[Shot of Picard as he considers Troi's words.]
[Troi stands by the bio-bed with Riker and Crusher.]
Troi: "I've become a liability. I request to be relieved of my duties."
[Picard looks on, concerned.]
Picard: "Permission denied."
[Troi, Riker and Crusher stare at Picard.]

"Ships Colliding"

'Star Trek Nemesis' - courtesy, copyright Paramount Pictures[Profile shot of Picard.]
Picard: "On my mark, Deanna."
[Troi sits at the Enterprise-E helm. She nods.]
[Close-up of Picard.]
Picard: "All hands, brace for impact."
[Data readies himself at his console.]
[La Forge grips his station.]
[Close-up of Picard.]
Picard: "Engage."
[Shot of Troi at the helm.]
[Close-up of Troi's hand pushing the 'Engage' button.]
[Shot of Troi at the helm.]
[Picard sits motionless in the captain's chair.]
[The Enterprise slowly moves forward towards the Scimitar.]
[The camera tracks in towards Shinzon on the Scimitar's bridge.]
[Seen through the Scimitar viewscren, the Enterprise approaches.]
[On the Scimitar bridge, a Reman officer turns and looks at Shinzon.]
[Shinzon screams at his officer.]
Shinzon: "Hard to port."
[The Enterprise makes its way towards the Scimitar.]
[The camera tracks in towards Shinzon.]
[Seen through the Scimitar viewscreen, the Enterprise is about to ram the Reman ship.]
[Close-up of Shinzon.]
[The camera tracks in towards Picard's face.]
[The Enterprise rams the Scimitar.]

The clips are available in streaming Real Media and Windows Media Player format here at Yahoo! Movies. The above photos are courtesy of Thanks to 'nextgeneration fan' for this!

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