Blalock On Her Vulcan Transformation

By Lisa
December 8, 2001 - 11:42 PM

Jolene Blalock (Sub-Commander T'Pol) revealed yesterday night that it takes twice the length of an Enterprise episode to transform her into T'Pol.

"The full costume, the ears, the prosthetics, the wig - it's just under two hours," she told the host on last night's Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn.

"It's not so bad," she assured viewers, and shook her head as if resigned to the long time in the make-up chair. "What can you do? [...] It takes two hours but we've got it down to an hour, an hour twenty minutes."

That the actress looks so different on screen as a Vulcan from her normal appearance means reaction from fans has so far been limited. "I've never been approached, I've never been recognised," she said. "I haven't met any [trek fans] yet, but I did get a letter in the mail. A man in a Star Trek uniform sent me a head shot of himself, signed, and a birthday card. And it's not my birthday."

Host Craig Kilborn was clearly impressed with his guest, noting how great she looked in character as a sixty five year old. "You play a beautiful woman with no emotional baggage which is actually every guy's dream," he joked, to cheers from the audience and a roll of the eyes from Blalock.

On the subject of conventions, Blalock did not seem too eager to step onto the con circuit. "Is it required?" she asked. "I heard they make you stand on a stage for thirty minutes and sing or something."

More from Jolene Blalock's appearance on the talkshow can be found in here at Voyager's Delights. Her entire appearance on the show is available as an 8.4 mb Real Media file to download.

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