Ryan On Ortolan, 'The OC' and Ongoing Borgification

By Michelle
November 8, 2005 - 8:07 PM

Jeri Ryan may have left Star Trek behind - she is currently guest starring on The OC and owns a highly-regarded restaurant in Los Angeles called Ortolan. But Star Trek has not left her behind: recently a fan drew an ortolan, the French bird for which the restaurant is named, with the characteristic cybernetics of the Borg.

"It was a Borgolan," Ryan laughed to host Craig Ferguson on CBS's The Late Late Show (via VRRRM). "They did a series of, like, six pictures of me in different poses - with the bird on my shoulder, and the bird on my finger...the best one, was me in character, as Seven of Nine - and they had the bird on my shoulder, and it was all Borged-out."

Ryan and boyfriend Christophe Emé, an award-winning chef, co-own the restaurant, where Ryan said she occasionally waits tables or does whatever else needs to be done. "I've always been a foodie...this has always been sort of a dream," she said, adding of her boyfriend, "he's French, he's hot, and he cooks" and reminiscing about the days before the restaurant when he cooked her lunch and dinner every day.

Since Star Trek: Voyager finished its run, Ryan had a regular role on Boston Public and is currently guest starring as Charlotte on The OC. She explained that she thinks growing up nomadically as an army brat was good training for being an actor, and her parents now live down the street from her to help take care of her son when she is working.

The OC airs on Thursday nights on FOX. The full interview with photos and a video clip may be found at VRRRM.

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