'He Said/She Said' on Trek

By Amy
November 8, 2000 - 6:16 AM

Another Universe has been updated with the latest edition of their 'he said/she' said column, where two of Fandom's contributors debate a set topic, offering their perspective on it. This week, the two columnists are Steve Johnson and Michelle Erica Green, and their topic, 'What Star Trek Series Do We Deserve?'

He Said:

What do we, the fans, deserve from the next Star Trek series?
I'm serious. It doesn't make a lot of sense even to ask the question, because the chances we'll get anything like what we want are minuscule, but come on - step across the reality threshold for a second and think about what you'd like to see the Star Trek name applied to.
I'm guessing you want a series that displays all the endearing qualities, and none of the stupid ones, of all four Trek series to date. The verve, imagination and fun of Classic Trek; the sense of wonder of Next Gen; the politics, war and religion of Deep Space Nine; and the endearing characters of Voyager.

She Said:

It never ceases to amaze me that people watch Star Trek for such radically different reasons. You'd think I'd get a clue from my hate mail, in which old-time Deep Space Nine fans have warned me that I should condemn the militaristic themes of the final seasons, while Seven of Nine fans regularly berate me for failing to see that the big-mouthed, brilliant Borg babe is the key to Voyager's success. My colleague Steve thinks we watch Next Gen for its sense of wonder, and DS9 for the war -- well, he's wrong, at least as far as I'm concerned. But I know all too well that if I try to generalize about what we Trekkers like about Trek, I'll be wrong too, for at least several million people.

For the full debate, please click here.

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