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By Caillan
October 8, 2003 - 10:46 AM

Hello World!

After my major rant about Alias's "Phase One" last week, Antony has convinced me that I should stop sticking pins in my J.J. Abrams doll, because the show will apparently recover. At least there was lots of Sark, Sloane and Irina in last week's episode to tide me through the sickening Vaughn/Sydney glances. I loved their relationship so much when it was just bubbling under the surface, but now that they're waking up in bed together, it's just ugghh...boring.

Speaking of my rant, last week's episode, "A Free Agent", addressed some of the problems I had with "Double Agent" in the aftermath of "Phase One", with Sydney contemplating whether to leave the CIA now that her work is done, and then being enticed back because of Sloane. I think they should have had Sydney examining her life in the previous episode, rather than continuing with the CIA like nothing's happened.

I didn't, however, like the renewed focus on Dixon. As I said last week, I've never found him a terribly interesting character, so his dilemma whether to tell his wife or not seemed like filler to me. I much preferred the way Marshall was handled: his little sub-plot didn't compromise the energy of the story at all.

Of course, not everyone reacted in the same way to "Phase One" as I did. My mother, my real-life Alias co-conspirator, after viewing the episode, said: "That was a great episode, wasn't it?" Actually, the only fault she found with that and "Double Agent" was that Sydney Bristow's shoes that she wore when she got out of the pool in the If There's Any Football Fans Left Over From Last Week Here's Jennifer Garner In A Bathing Suit Scene were totally impractical. Yes, only in Alias do people wear large high heels poolside.

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