Voyager Cast Reflect On Series

By Christian
October 8, 2000 - 11:28 PM, Paramount's official Star Trek site, has been updated with 3 new interview videos, in which Roxann Dawson (B'Elanna Torres), Tim Russ (Tuvok) and Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine) reflect about Voyager. As usual, here are transcripts for those lacking the bandwidth to view the clips:

  • Roxann Dawson: "At it's best, when we are at our best, and the writers are at their best, the show is really working. We can tell stories that can make people think a second time, that can make people look at their lives and at the way that they view things and make them think differently, or at least consider thinking differently. And I think that, whether it is theatre, or film, or television, at its best that's what we're supposed to do.

    "It's hard when you're doing a show every week. I mean, you can't expect it do that, because then you'll spend the entire time you're on the show being disappointed. But when we are at our best we do that, and I've talked to people, and I've witnessed it, and I've been a part of moments where I thought: 'That is enlightening. That is doing something special' And those moments, I'll always treasure and be very proud of."

  • Tim Russ: "I think the greatest strenght was that we sort of went back to the original concept of Star Trek, which was exploring uncharted space. I've always thought that that was one of the main strong points of the show, that we are in a region of space that hasn't been explored yet, by anyone in the Federation.

    And so, wow, to be able to encounter that many cultures, that many civilisations, to experience that many different types of phenomena, that would normally not be discovered, and to be able to get home. That's what makes this show - every single day, every single episode is a completely different day and time. Maybe a couple of shows overlap here on air, but if you were a viewer watching and you checked in two or three years down the line, basically you can watch an episode from start to finish without knowing what happened two years prior, Apart from the fact that the show is in uncharted space, that's about all you need to know."

  • Jeri Ryan: "Well, it's changed certainly since before I started, but once I started with this character, and started with this group of people, I realised pretty much right of the bat that it was really high quality, and really good writing, and really good character development.

    My character especially I love. She's a wonderful gift, as an actor, to be able to play something as rich, and this sort of nuanced, sort of constantly changing - because that's what fun. So I don't know that my opinion of things have changed since that point. The show continues to be interesting and continues to do these huge morality plays, which is an amazing feat for seven years.

To see the actual clips, please head over to's Season Seven Multimedia Page.

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