Bakula 'Feels Lucky' To Play Archer

By Michelle
September 8, 2004 - 6:37 PM

"We've got some wild, crazy stuff coming now," Scott Bakula said, expressing his enthusiasm for the upcoming fourth season of Star Trek: Enterprise, which debuts next month on UPN.

The Great Link has published excerpts of a Starburst Magazine interview with Bakula, in which he once again compared Captain Archer to a war veteran and said he was happy with the character development thus far in the new season.

"There was this article the other day about the kids who are over [in Iraq], talking about killing," he reflected. "You can't condemn those guys because they're doing their job, what they've been told to do." But when it comes to Captain Archer, he wonders, "how does that affect this man, and how does that affect how he leads, and how does that affect his choices now when he goes out?"

Saying that he "feels lucky" to be playing a character "that isn't done yet", Bakula explained that he speaks regularly to the show's executive producers about its storylines. "The great news is that, usually, they lay this stuff out to me, and I'm thrilled with what they're going to do, and my input is usually only in a positive way," he said. "Very seldom has it been, 'Well, that doesn't sound very good.'"

Starburst #315 is available on newsstands in the U.K. These excerpts come from The Great Link.

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