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Notice: Server Problems Fixed (Updated)

By Christian
September 8, 2000 - 6:04 PM

As you may have noticed when trying to visit the site today, TrekToday (and all related sites) were in fact inaccessible for a period of more than six hours. I'm still not sure exactly what caused these problems, but a technician from the company the server is located with managed to solve them about twenty minutes ago.

A few days ago, the hosting company already announced that the server could be down for a period of approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour on early Friday morning, due to scheduled maintenance. Unfortunately, after this period the server was still down, and I had no way of logging into it via any of the usual ways.

After making a (cross-ocean) phone call to the web hosting company when the server had been down for about 90 minutes, they said it was a battery problem which they would work on fixing right away. After a second phone call two hours later, I was told it was due to the network maintenance and the site would be working in less than 50 minutes again. Finally, after another two phone calls, a technician apparently was able to do something to fix the problems twenty minutes ago, though I'm not sure what exactly was wrong in the first place.

I will let you know once I find out more about the reasons for this downtime, for now, please accept my apologies for the site being inaccessible for so long. Many thanks go out to Lane Deaver for helping me getting something done about this!

Update: The web hosting company just told me that the reason for the long downtime was that a lithium battery had to be replaced, and when the server was rebooted for this the hard disk partitions weren't unmounted cleanly. As a result, they first had to run a filecheck on the server before it could be successfully restarted. Fortunately this was just a one-time problem, so something like this isn't likely to happen anytime soon again.

In addition, it turns out that the remote reboot facility I've been paying for was in fact scrapped several months ago by the web host. Sigh.

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