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Paramount Home Video Chat Transcript

By Christian
September 8, 2000 - 12:39 AM

As previously reported, on Wednesday the Home Theater Forum organised a live chat with Martin Blythe and Michael Arkin, both representatives of Paramount Home Video. Besides talking about many other Paramount films and their possible release on DVD, Star Trek was of course also a popular subject. Here's a summary of what was said on Trek:

  • When asked about 'Star Trek: The Motion Picture,' Blythe said "We have BIG BIG plans for the Original ST Motion Picture but without being snotty about it, I want to be able to announce it in the regular way. Hope you guys can stay tuned a bit longer...."

  • Arkin later mentioned 'The Motion Picture' will probably be released in the first half of 2001.

  • Arkin revealed they are considering a Star Trek movies gift set. "Stay tuned for more info."

  • Todd_S asked if, with the success of the 'X-Files' per-season DVD box sets, we would also see 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' released this way. Arkin responded that they're "exploring many different options of STNG" and that "nothing is solidified". Later on in the chat, moderator Ron Epstein asked the entire chat group what they thought of a TNG box set, and most of the responses seemed to be in favour of such a set.

  • Related to this, the new TrekToday poll now also asks you how you think TNG should be released on DVD. Would you like to see the discs released separately, as is being done with the Original Series now, would you like to see 'X-Files'-style box sets, or would you prefer having only the special episodes (such as two-parters or Borg episodes) released?
To read the full transcript, which has info on many other Paramount movie projects, please click here. Thanks go out to Lee Jamilkowski for this!

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