Logan On Getting To Know The 'Nemesis' Cast

By Lisa
July 9, 2002 - 12:34 AM

John Logan said today that the Next Generation cast treated him with respect when he came to work on the tenth Star Trek movie.

"Because I was looked at as a serious writer with outside work, I think I was treated with a great deal of respect in terms of bringing ideas to the franchise that might be considered unusual or provocative," Logan told the Sci Fi Wire. "Also, quite frankly, Brent [Spiner] is my buddy. So I came into it with an entrée to that family of Brent's."

"I got along very well with Patrick [Stewart] immediately, and [the whole cast] made an effort to get to know me," the writer continued. "We'd go out and have dinner. We'd go to parties together. I made an effort to get to know them and to have meetings with each one of them. It would be the height of arrogance on my part to say to Marina Sirtis, 'I know Deanna [Troi] better than you do. Let me tell you how she would react.'

"My job as a writer is to be a cannibal of their ideas. They've lived with these people for 15 years," he explained. "So I could sit down and say, 'Here's the situation for Riker [Jonathan Frakes]. Here's what happens. Help me. Help me think how he would respond. Give me the words he would respond with. Give me the ideas. Give me the ramifications of what certain things mean to him.'"

"So the cast, in my experience, was invaluable. They were very kind to me, very welcoming and very helpful just in terms of developing the story."

The original article can be found here at the Sci Fi Wire.

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