News Bullets

By Caillan
July 8, 2002 - 2:27 PM

  • Enterprise will premiere on British television station Channel 4 at 6:00pm on Wednesday, July 17. Thanks to 'Faldor' for this!

  • Robert Duncan McNeill (Tom Paris) will be directing two back-to-back episodes of Dawson's Creek in August and September, according to his official web site.

  • Andrew J. Robinson (Garak) and Alexander Siddig's (Julian Bashir) play has been reviewed by Iain Baillie here.

  • Paul T. Semones at the Library of the Prophets has posted his review of 'The Janus Gate: Present Tense.' Here's an extract from his analysis:

    The book is a slow, carefully paced story that does very little to set up the forthcoming episodes of the trilogy, but does achieve a fascinating dynamic among the characters that makes even this cynical, Gen-X reviewer have a new appreciation for Kirk's original crew. With Kirk, Spock and McCoy relegated to background leadership roles, Present Tense elevates Uhura, Sulu and Chekov to heroic roles with dramatic success.

    The book was awarded a B plus grade in the full review.

  • According to Psi Phi's Star Trek Book Database, 'The Eugenics War, Volume One' was named by Dreamwatch magazine as the best science fiction novel of 2001.

  • Are Holograms finally for Real? David H. Freeman at Business 2.0 ponders whether holographic technology will become commonplace in the business world.

  • The fan movie project 'Deep Space Nine: How You Live' has been released. To download the video, head over to the project's web site.

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