Jammer Redesigns

By Christian
July 8, 2000 - 9:41 PM

Following the recent Cynics Corner redesign, Jamahl Epsicokhan at Star Trek: Hypertext has become the second Trek reviewer to update his site design. There are actually a few more parallels to be drawn between the Cynic and Jammer, as both reviewers will also start analysing 'Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda' next season. Here's part of Jamahl's introduction to the new design:

The most dramatic change is on the main page, where I've tried to fix some of the clunkiness in the old design by continuing the widespread design trend of cramming as much text into as little space as possible, while still doing so in a way that's attractive and readable. Also note the more "aggressive" style of the design. Yes, it's the new sports car edition of ST:Hypertext. The ads are also more logically located at the top, rather than under the logo where they used to interrupt the page's flow. Personally, I like it all a lot better. I hope you do, too. Comments of course are welcome, as long as they're positive! (Just kidding -- though I won't be making major reversals if you don't like it; sorry.) Change is good. Really. Rest assured that I've kept the overall design philosophy the same, and a great many things (most, really) have been retained. Like the January 1999 redesign, more is the same than is different.


Next order of business is an announcement. After months of toying with the idea, I've decided that, barring a major change in my schedule in the next few months, I will be reviewing Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda when it premieres this fall. Either I'm a masochist or I'm just looking for something fresh on TV so I can go back to my days of reviewing two series instead of one (yes, I will of course also still be reviewing Voyager). How exactly these new reviews will look remains to be seen. The format may be somewhat shorter -- who knows. I won't know until I dive into the actual task of writing them. Starting from ground zero should be interesting and somewhat challenging. I hope you'll join me in trying out this new sci-fi series.

The full update includes more info on the new site design, as well as on several new features that have just gone up at the site. In the first place, there's the report of Days 2 and 3 from his recent trip to Los Angeles, which on Day 1 included a pitching session at Paramount. Secondly, there is a non-Trek review of 'Titan A.E', the recent animated SF film, which Jamahl awards 2.5 stars.

Over the summer more features by Jamahl on general sci-fi topics will be appearing at both Star Trek: Hypertext and Space.com, where Jamahl will be a special sci-fi columnist over the summer.

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