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An archive of Star Trek News

Gaming Bullets

By Caillan
June 8, 2002 - 1:45 PM

  • has posted its preview of 'Elite Force II,' the sequel to the Voyager first-person shooter. Here's what the site had to say about the new game, which is set mainly in the TNG universe:

    Numerous Star Trek weapons, new and more skillful enemies, intricate tasks, and all of that packed in the famous Quake 3 engine. If you're a Star Trek devotee it would be a shame to miss this when it comes out.

    Read the full article here.

  • Tal Blevins at IGN PC also had the opportunity to preview the game, and came away impressed. "One of the biggest complaints about Elite Force is that it was over too damn quick," he said. "Well Ritual has been doing a lot of work to make the levels as large and interesting as possible, and the team promises the game will be at least 150% bigger than the original game. I have to say that Elite Force 2 is looking promising at this point. We really liked the first one, and our only big complaint was that it was short, so it looks like we may have more to play. Now we'll just have to wait until early 2003 to see it." Head over to IGN PC for the complete preview.

  • The first official wallpaper for 'Elite Force II' is up at

  • GameSpot Complete members can download a Quicktime clip from 'Elite Force II' here at GameSpot PC.

  • Recent updates at Decipher include the news that the RPG Narrator's Guide is now on sale, preview pages from the guide, and the latest CCG design log.

  • Eric T. Baker has reviewed the RPG Player's Guide at Sci-Fi Weekly. "My personal bias is for more freeform play than the 'a skill for everything and everything has a skill' style that the Star Trek Role-Playing Game: Player's Guide is written in, but that is just taste," he wrote. "The game is complete and faithful and that is what is most important in a licensed game." The guide was given an A minus grade in the full review.

    Thanks to Blue's News for most of these!

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