Brannon Braga Interviewed

By Christian
June 8, 2000 - 11:21 AM

Over at the Trek Galaxy, they've put up a transcript of an interview with Brannon Braga, which appeared in the latest issue of the British Star Trek Monthly Magazine. The interview took place during the Grand Slam convention over two months ago, so it isn't very current anymore, but it does of course contain some interesting quotes from Braga.

At the time of the interview, Braga still said he was going to helm Voyager's seventh season, but since then it's been reported that Kenneth Biller will be taking over the helm next season. In the interview, Braga still talked about where 'Voyager' would be heading next season. Here's a summary:

  • On the two episodes featuring Troi and Barclay, Braga said that they "We do plan on continuing to visit that tenuous link with Earth as the series progresses. [...] There's no doubt that that will play a part in how the crew gets home."
  • For some reason, Braga said that the writers have miscalculated the time it has taken for the ship to come home, saying laughingly that they "made a big mistake. Voyager is long past home. They really should have got home already!"
  • As to when the ship will go home, Braga said it could happen at any time, with the writing staff always on the look out for an opportunity to bring the ship home. "We are always poised to bring them home if the moment is right. When it will happen, I don't know. We like it that way, because it gives us a sense of spontaneity."
  • Braga did say that, as the ship got closer to home over the next season, the ramifications of the ship being away for six years will definitely be dealt with.
  • Finally, though this seems a bit unlikely, he also remarked that the writers are not averse to bringing the ship home via Deep Space Nine, where it also departed from six years ago, saying that "it's a possibility, definitely."

In the full interview, Braga talks about some other aspects of 'Voyager' over the past years, including Janeway's somewhat inconsistent style, the many challenges Kim had to deal with, the Torres-Paris romance, and Q.

Of course, he also talked about some other elements of Star Trek's future. On Star Trek X, he said that he was "no longer involved in the movies", but did say, strangely enough, that he would probably be the best person to approach for information about the next film. He also spoke briefly on a possible DS9 telefilm, but said that "there are no plans as far as I know to do anything like that at the moment." Finally, he talked about his own involvement with Series V, but didn't give out any new info on this.

Again, read more in the full interview.

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