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Sirtis Talks 'Nemesis' Spoilers

By Lisa
May 8, 2002 - 7:22 PM

Marina Sirtis (Deanna Troi) recently spoke about why she isn't keen on spoilers for the upcoming tenth Star Trek movie.

"I was on my web site recently," she told the audience at the Denver Starfest Convention last month. "Yes, I finally have a computer, I have a web site and I finally figured out how I post stuff on it. And apparently someone had posted on the internet somewhere the whole [movie] story.

"So, if you are clever with the computer thing, you probably could find it. If you really want to know. But you really don't want to know, You don't. It spoils the whole thing. You already know Troi and Riker get married. I have a pink wedding. It couldn't be white, could it? We'll leave it there. It was pink."

The actress did reveal a little more about her character in the film. "Well actually, I get to fly the ship again. I'm really upset though because every time I drive..." she said. "I don't crash this time. But the ship does get damaged. It is just not fair. It always happens on my watch. It is like, 'OK she is driving now. We can do something to the ship and she'll get all the blame.' The women driver will get all the blame."

Sirtis went on to relate an incident that occurred on the Next Generation set between herself and Patrick Stewart (Jean Luc Picard). "You know I use to get those really stupid lines 'Captain, he is hiding something' Yeah, like it was really obvious," she explained. "So I had one of those lines. I don't know what it was but 'his royal highness' goes 'We know that, you stupid @&! You waste of space.'

"Then he looked at me and ran and he hid behind Brent [Spiner]. I walked over to him, and I said 'Look here your majesty, I'm just the actress, I don't write the lines, I just say them and there is no point in hiding behind Brent, he doesn't really have super human strength, you idiot.' Patrick is a little scared of me. I think all boys are a little scared of me. It's good for them."

She answered the question on the lips of many fans out there - just what is it like kissing Will Riker? "Honey. I kissed them all. They are all good in their own way," she laughed. "I like the tall Riker. His beard is a little shorter. I like him without the beard, I do. That is why he is shaving the damn thing off. I think Genie Francis [Frakes' wife] likes the beard. I don't get much influence on John's beard. [...] Both our spouses watch with magnifying glasses. Mine especially. He freeze frames - 'did you have your mouth open?!'"

More from Marina Sirtis, about her roles on Voyager and Stargate: SG1 and on 'Nemesis' can be found in the complete convention report here at Chrissy's SciFi. Thanks to Holly for help with this!

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