Delta Blues 'Fury' Review

By Christian
May 8, 2000 - 10:52 PM

Over at Delta Blues, Jim Wright has uploaded his review of 'Fury', last week's new Voyager episode. Awarding it one star, Jim hated what the episode did to the memory of Kes:

Objectively speaking, "Fury" isn't terrible. A relatively consistent time-travel episode, filled with action and cameos and featuring some nice character moments. The ensemble work reminiscent of the early seasons was also in evidence, which brought back some fond memories. The episode was marred by uneven and at times flat performances, a few scenes that would likely be confusing to people unfamiliar with the character of Kes, and a climax that frankly strains credulity. ("Oh, now I remember--I don't hate you guys, I love you guys! I was going to go back in time and turn Voyager into a cannibal deli, but . . . no hard feelings, right?")


If I had little or no emotional attachment to the subject matter, I'd probably give it 2.5 stars, maybe 3. Not a favorite, but not bad.

A more detailed analysis can be found in the full review, which is of course accompanied by the usual huge synopsis.

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