Picardo Gates To 'Atlantis'

By Michelle
April 8, 2006 - 5:37 PM

Robert Picardo (The Doctor) is traveling from Stargate SG-1 to Stargate Atlantis, the actor revealed.

"They've spun my character over to Atlantis," Picardo told The IESB. "I've done the first ten. So all I can tell you is, I've visited two different galaxies in a matter of days."

Picardo plays Richard Woolsey, a representative of an International Oversight Advisory who visits Atlantis in that capacity. "My character is turning the screws on - I can't remember her name - Dr. Weir! Who runs Atlantis," he explained. "I'm basically there to review whether or not she should maintain her command...she's a little afraid of me, but I think by the end we have a meeting of the minds. But I can't tell you what happens!"

GateWorld has confirmed that Picardo will appear in the first two episodes of Season Three, "No Man's Land" and "Misbegotten." From an actor's perspective, Picardo noted, "I think I'll be back there...and that's good news!"

The Voyager actor's official web site reports that Picardo will be accused of some shocking behaviour on Stargate SG-1 before his move to Atlantis, involving Claudia Black of Farscape's character, Vala Mal Doran.

The site also reports that Picardo has joined the advisory board of Habitat for Humanity's San Gabriel Valley chapter, which has begun a fundraising drive for a new $1.1 million Glendale, California housing project. Details about how to make a donation are available at RobertPicardo.com.

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