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By Caillan
April 8, 2003 - 11:18 AM

TrekToday is giving readers the chance to participate in a question and answer session with Enterprise writer Mike Sussman.

Sussman, who also serves as a co-producer on the series, has penned ten Enterprise episodes with his writing partner Phyllis Strong. These include season one's "Shadows of P'Jem" and the post-9/11 allegory, "Detained", as well as "Dead Stop" and the Temporal Cold War outing, "Future Tense", in season two. Sussman's latest episodes, "Regeneration", which marks the first Enterprise appearance of the Borg, and "Bounty", in which Captain Archer is captured by a Tellarite bounty hunter, will air during May sweeps.

Before joining the Enterprise staff, Sussman had a hand in several Star Trek: Voyager outings. In season two he created the story for the Tuvok-centric "Meld" and later penned "The Swarm" during the show's third season. After successfully selling the stories for "The Haunting of Deck 12" and "Unimatrix Zero" in season six, Sussman joined the Voyager staff with Phyllis Strong for the show's seventh and final season. The pair wrote several episodes featuring the EMH during that year, including "Body and Soul", "Author, Author" and "Renaissance Man".

Mike Sussman has graciously agreed to answer questions from TrekToday readers about his work as a Star Trek writer. To submit your questions, please use the form below:


A selection of the most interesting questions will be sent to Mr. Sussman later this week, and the answers will be posted at TrekToday soon.

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