'Future Guy' To Appear In 'Shockwave'

By Caillan
April 8, 2002 - 4:32 PM

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When Enterprise finishes off the season with 'Shockwave,' one of the series's most mysterious characters will be along for the ride.

James Horan, who plays the humanoid figure nicknamed 'Future Guy,' will return for the first season finale, according to the actor's official web site.

The character, who communicates orders from the distant future through a temporal helix, first appeared in the pilot 'Broken Bow' and later featured briefly in 'Cold Front.' Although viewers don't see much of 'Future Guy,' John Fleck, who plays his Suliban minion Silik, assured viewers Horan is in there somewhere.

"There is an actor there," Fleck told Star Trek Monthly (via Sci-Fi Pulse). "The first time, in the pilot, the actor talked and said dialogue. The second time, it was a stand-in, and he was just standing there while somebody read the lines off-stage because he wasn't going to be reading the dialogue. You can't really see his lips move. They're dressed in a Star Trekkian type outfit, [but] they were just themselves, because they knew we wouldn't see their faces."

Executive producer Brannon Braga told fans at the Pasadena Grand Slam convention last month that 'Shockwave' would develop the Temporal Cold War plotline (story). However, when Fleck spoke to Star Trek Monthly, he hadn't yet been asked back to Enterprise.

"I'm just waiting to hear when and if they need me. I have no idea if, when or how the next episode is going to happen. I'm just assuming, based on [the 'Cold Front'] script, that there is a possibility that the character will come back."

The original news at Horan's web site can be found here, while the full interview with Fleck, in which he also talked about acting in 'Cold Front,' is available in the latest issue of Star Trek Monthly. Alternatively, extracts have been posted at Sci-Fi Pulse. Thanks to Tom A-N for some of this!

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