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By Christian
April 8, 2000 - 11:16 PM

The March 2000 issue of the British DreamWatch Magazine featured an interview with James Doohan (Montgomery Scott). Gustavo Leao was kind enough to send in two excerpts from the interview, in which Doohan talks about his two new novels and his relationship with Paramount Pictures:

"The publisher came to me and asked if I could write three novels," said Doohan about his "The Flight Engineer" trilogy of novels, whose second book, titled "The Privateer", has just been released. "I told him a wasn't a writer, but he didn't believe me. I sat down with SM Sterling and started talking. Pretty soon I did 19 tapes. I created the character, created his job and created a lot of things that he does. Sterling added some of his ideas, which I was delighted with, and we went from there."

"Paramount wants to stop me from working and they do" Doohan told Dreamwatch. "I'm not too happy with them right now because next March I will be 80 years of age and I should be allowed to work if work comes along. They didn't stop Leonard Nimoy from doing a two-hour movie just because he looked like Spock and that wouldn't damage the character."

Would anyone know by any chance specifically how Paramount is trying to stop Doohan from work? The only thing I can recall is his Scotty-like role on a sitcom (wasn't it 'Homeboys from Outer Space'?), but I think that's about it.

Anyway, Gustavo also sends along word that issue 43 of Starburst Magazine, now available in the UK, features an interview with Voyager staff writer Robert Doherty.

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