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First Look At 'Nemesis' Villains

By Christian
March 8, 2002 - 9:38 PM

'Star Trek: Nemesis' E! News Daily segment - copyright E! Entertainment Television Entertainment program E! News Daily today aired a two-minute feature from the 'Star Trek: Nemesis' set, giving viewers a first glimpse at the new set design and make-up developed for the film's villains.

E! reporter Scott Lasky visited the set to talk with Patrick Stewart, who was just filming a scene in which his Captain Picard is captured by his clone Shinzon. Lasky talked to Stewart about Shinzon, who the TNG star described as a "confused guy," and even the tantalising possibility of a sequel film.

Most importantly, however, the feature offered a first glimpse at some of Trek X's new characters, including Shinzon himself, Data's "brother" B-9, and the Remans. These characters were shown in likely is Shinzon's warbird, the Scimitar, while the Patrick Stewart interview took place on what is likely also a Romulan or Reman set.

The feature, which aired on E! News Daily this morning, has been digitised and put online by MediaTrek. For those with less bandwidth to spare, here first is a full transcript of the segment:

[Patrick Stewart, in a directors chair, wearing a grey fleece over his uniform]
Patrick Stewart: The good Captain [indicates himself] has been captured and his is a prisoner of Shinzon.

'Star Trek: Nemesis' E! News Daily segment - copyright E! Entertainment Television

[Shots of Picard being confronted by Shinzon. Picard is restrained. Shinzon is talking]

Patrick Stewart: Our young... bad guy.
Scott Lasky: Evil-doer?
Patrick Stewart: No, no, it's more... let's not call him a bad guy. Confused guy.

'Star Trek: Nemesis' E! News Daily segment - copyright E! Entertainment Television

[Clip of Shinzon, with B-9 behind him. A Reman dressed in the same purple as Shinzon and carrying a weapon is standing behind them.]
Shinzon: I now have access to Starfleet communication protocols.

Scott Lasky: Tom Hardy, for this film, is one of those new actors. What can you tell us about the villain in this one?
Patrick Stewart: He is very bright, very charismatic, psychologically a terrible mess.

[Shot of Shinzon and B-9 walking down a corridor. There are Remans walking past them]

Scott Lasky: How do you explain how it went from more of a cult following to now more of a - if you don't know about Star Trek, you're on the outside.
Patrick Stewart: Well, you know that original cult following was large, so I understand. It wasn't just a handful of people sitting in their dens watching Bill and Leonard and the original crew.

[Shot of Kirk and Spock from TOS on the original Enterprise Bridge]

Scott Lasky: Is this the end of the road for the Next Generation?
Patrick Stewart: I honestly don't know. And I also don't know if it should be. Ultimately these things come down to one issue, and that's profits.

'Star Trek: Nemesis' E! News Daily segment - copyright E! Entertainment Television

[Shot of two Remans in makeup, with technical crew working behind them. The shot moves across to show Picard in the restraining device we saw earlier]

Patrick Stewart: I have a notion that there is a sequel begging to be made of this particular movie.
[Cut to Scott Lasky standing on one of the sets]
Scott Lasky: To find out what happens to Captain Picard: well you're going to have to wait until it land into theatres near you sometime later this year
[Lasky is beamed up, complete with Original Series sound effect.]

This is the second time a television entertainment magazine has visited the 'Nemesis' set. In January, Entertainment Tonight had the exclusive first look at the film's production, and featured interviews with several of the main stars (story).

The full E! clip can now be downloaded from MediaTrek both as a 23 MB MPEG clip, or in a 5 MB RealVideo version. Click here for the download locations.

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