Shatner Sings Again

By Amy
March 8, 2001 - 10:38 PM

It would seem that rumours of William Shatner's (Kirk) separation from have been rather exaggerated. The singing Shatner is back with a vengance, having recorded six 30-second radio adverts for the internet company.

The New York Post had reported in mid-December last year that he'd parted ways with the company after its stock, which the actor had originally been paid in, dropped dramatically from its all-time high of $165 to $2.25. While Shatner did manage to sell around 35,000 of his purported 125,000 shares before the crash occurred, he made only $8 million and lost much more the value of his stake in the company fell from over $20 million to a bare fraction of that amount - $202,500.

Speculation on his departure was further fuelled when it was reported that hed failed to show for several commercial shoots. Then actress Sarah Jessica Parker became the new voice in the company's television commercials. It was also thought that Shatner did not want to be associated with what appeared to be a failing company he removed all mention of his work there from his official biography.

Interestingly enough, his departure was never officially confirmed by Priceline or the man himself. Now we can't even say hes back, because according to spokesman Brian Ek, he never left in the first place. Shatner is back on the promotional circuit for Priceline, appearing in 30-second radio spots touting the savings consumers can achieve when purchasing airline tickets through the Web site, along with fellow actor, Geoffrey Holder.

And for those needing that last little bit of confirmation that he's back in the saddle? The details of his work with the company are now back in a place of honour at the top of his biography. Thanks go out to Carl Stark for the heads up!

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